Easter 3 – April 26, 2020

On the Third Sunday of Easter we hear the story of two disciples recounting the events of the preceding days saying “We had hoped he was the one to ….”  Are there more forlorn words than dashed hope?  The hope stirred by the life and teaching of Jesus had been crucified.  The trauma they had experienced confirmed the way of vengeance, taught the use of power and control, demonstrated the value of looking out for yourself, and proven the finality of death.

But, on the road, a stranger they encountered began interpreting their trauma through the grace of their own tradition and their hearts began to stir.  Compelled by hospitality, the two invited this interpreter to sup with them and in the breaking of the bread — in the way of forgiveness, the exercise of mercy, the service rendered to others, and the overturning of death’s finality — Jesus was revealed.

Join us this Sunday online for worship with the Congregational Church of Weston UCC.  Links will be sent by email and posted on the church’s Facebook page on Sunday mornings at 12:01am.  So, you may choose the time of your Sunday morning worship!  If you go through Facebook, please share!

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