Easter 5 – May 10, 2020

In its fullness, resurrection promises a pattern for life, death and new life more than the reward of a future life.  When the prodigal son leaves for the far country, he asks for half of the father’s estate or another way of saying, “You are dead to me.”  Likewise when the son returns the father now prodigal with his love says, “My son who was dead is now alive.”  Undoubtedly you too have heard someone describe another as “dead to me.”  You may also have heard people traumatized by grief or poverty describe themselves as the “living dead.”

On this 5th Sunday of Easter, the author of 1st Peter uses a similar metaphor that people were like rocks, dead material, but in their encounter with the risen Jesus were transformed into living stones.  Indeed, Peter, himself the Rock, is chosen and made into a living stone and built into a home for the Spirit.

Join us this Sunday online for worship with the Congregational Church of Weston UCC.  Links will be sent by email and posted on the church’s Facebook page on Sunday mornings at 12:01 am.  So, you may choose the time of your Sunday morning worship!  If you go through Facebook, please share!

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