Easter 6 – May 17, 2020

Join us in thanking Dooseon Woo, Pianist; Ruthanne Brown, Cathy Liddell, Jessica & Paul Schendel and Zen Kuriyama, Choir and Director; Bob Feeny, Preacher; Rev. Ruth Edens, Mission Witness; and Jessica Schendel, Deacon and Reader, for their worship leadership this morning. Thanks also to Sharon Kuhn for putting it all together! The order of service is below and a full version is attached.

Please remember you can participate with your congregation in a communion via Zoom at 11am this Sunday morning, May 17.  The Zoom link may be found in the church’s enews sent on Sunday morning, May 17. 

When you zoom in at 11 am, you will want to have a cup (with juice or wine) and bread within reach.  You may want to prepare yourself by preparing a space in advance, watch CCW’s worship between 10:30 and 11:00 and continue your time of worship by zooming into our communion service.

There will be another check-in with our Moderators on Wednesday, May 20, at Noon.   Again the link will be in the latest edition of the church’s enews. 


Jill and Richard Edens

EASTER 6                                   May 17, 2020

00:00 Welcome                                                         Rev. Dr. Jill Edens

00:24 Prelude       Excerpts of Preludes Op. 28-15 


                                                           Dooseon Woo, Pianist / Organist

02:39Music   Lord, Whose Love Through Humble Service        

                                  Words: Albert Bayly; Tune: Beach Spring 

           Cathy Liddell, Jessica & Paul Schendel and Zen Kuriyama

                                                              Jessica Schendel, Deacon

03:27 Lesson                            John 14:15-21, NRSV

04:52Message                               Bob Feeny, Pastoral Resident

11:28 Pastoral Prayer            Bob Feeny, Pastoral Resident

13:28 Moment for Mission                          City Mission           

            Rev. Ruth Edens, Director of Development and Stewardship  

14:58Music            If Ye Love Me                           Thomas Tallis

   Ruthanne Brown, Jessica & Paul Schendel and  Zen Kuriyama 

16:25Benediction                                                        Bob Feeny

16:51Postlude          Excerpts of Thunder and Lightning Polka 


_____                                        Dooseon Woo, Pianist / Organist


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